Tizeti rewards employees with stock options

Tizeti rewards employees with stock options
December 4, 2018 TIzeti Press
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Tizeti has announced that it is rewarding its employees by issuing them stock options, in appreciation for their contributions to the acceleration of the growth of the company.


The options were granted under the company’s stock options plan, which was approved by its board. This is part of the company’s appreciation of a team that has made immense contributions to its success. “Tizeti prides itself that it has assembled a team that has brought hundreds of thousands into the knowledge economy with its unlimited service, has broken even with its seed investment. Our employees deserve equity in the company that they are creating value for” said Mr. Kendall Ananyi, CEO of Tizeti, who also stated that this will also extend to top new hires.

Adding to this, Ifeanyi Okonkwo, Chief Operations Officer at Tizeti said that ‘’Attracting top-notch talent is one of the most difficult aspects of growing a business, as they are principal to the execution of ideas. Looking at how the team has come through over the years, we are delighted to extend our stock option pool to them, in order to retain them and attract new talent as we continue to expand our territory and provide uncapped high-speed broadband internet in Africa.”

Tizeti user base has grown impressively, this is worthy of note. With hundreds of thousands of  users and 10,000 hotspots, it is now the largest wifi hotspot network in Nigeria with only 70% of Lagos, Nigeria covered and growing at a fast rate. It plans to extend services to the other 35 states in Nigeria in 2019 and deployment plans are in place.


About Tizeti

Tizeti is a fast growing Internet Service Provider, leveraging the large wireless capacity available with Wi-fi and plummeting cost by engaging solar panels to provide Unlimited internet. With its owned and operated towers, it offers a disruptive, customer-friendly pricing for unlimited internet service in Nigeria, and expanding right across Africa, starting with Ghana. 

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