Consumer Code of Practice

Tizeti consumers will be bound by our terms of service on return of a signed service agreement, or
on clearly accepting the service terms when they first login with their login details on our consumer
portal. Consumers will also be deemed to accept a Licensee’s service terms on commencement of
use of the service that follows receipt of signup email communication by Tizeti of our service
Consumers will grant the Licensee or its authorized representatives, without charge, access to
premises, equipment or facilities as reasonably required for any provisioning or maintenance of the
services, equipment or facilities.
Consumers will not use any equipment or related facilities provided by a Licensee for reasons
other than those related to normal service, and will not do anything that interferes with the
functioning of such equipment or facilities, without prior written authorization from the
Licensee, Consumers will be responsible for any loss of or damage to equipment or facilities
that results from actions contrary to their service terms or this General Code.
Equipment owned by Tizeti and connected to our broadband internet network may not be moved
to a location or address other than the location or address where service was installed, without
prior written authorization from Tizeti.
Modification or attachment of any unauthorized device to Tizeti’s equipment or facilities is
No equipment or device that interferes in any way with the normal operation of our service,
including any equipment or device that intercepts or assists in intercepting or receiving any service
offered by the Licensee that requires special authorization, may be installed by or on behalf of any
Consumers will not re-sell any service provided by Tizeti except as permitted by the service
agreement of the Licensee (and subject to any applicable licensing or authorization by the
Commission pursuant to the Act).
Consumers will not misuse public telecommunications services, including:
 by dishonestly obtaining telecommunications services ; or
 possessing or supplying equipment that may be used to obtain such services
dishonestly or fraudulently ; or
 using services to send messages that are obscene, threatening or otherwise contrary
to applicable laws or regulation.

Tizeti may collect and maintain information on individual Consumers reasonably required for
its business purposes. However, the collection and maintenance of information on individual
Consumers will be—
 fairly and lawfully collected and processed ;
 processed for limited and identified purposes ;
 relevant and not excessive ;
 accurate ;
 not kept longer than necessary ;
 processed in accordance with the Consumer’s other rights ;

 protected against improper or accidental disclosure ; and
 not transferred to any party except as permitted by any terms and conditions agreed
with the Consumer, as permitted by any permission or approval of the Commission, or
as otherwise permitted or required by other applicable laws or regulations.
Tizeti will meet generally accepted fair information principles including :
 providing notice as to that individual Consumer information they collect, and its use or
disclosure ;
 the choices Consumers have with regard to the collection, use and, disclosure of that
information ;
 the access Consumers have to that information, including to ensure its accuracy ; and
 the security measures taken to protect the information, and the enforcement and
redress mechanisms that are in place to remedy any failure to observe these
These rules apply to individual Consumer information whether initially provided verbally or in
written form, so long as that information is retained by the Licensee in any recorded form.
Tizeti’s consumer relationship management system shall be used to collect and protect
information and will ensure that any other Tizeti or other persons with whom they exchange or
otherwise disclose such information have adopted and implemented an appropriate protection
of Consumer information policy.
Tizeti policy on the protection of Consumer information will be made available in an accessible
and easy to read manner in our office and on our website. The policy will:
 state clearly what information is being collected ; the use of that information ; possible third
party exchange or disclosure of that information ; and the choices available to the
Consumer regarding collection, use and disclosure of the collected information.
 disclose the consequences, if any, of a Consumer’s refusal to provide information.
 include a clear statement of how to contact the Licensee regarding information issues and
related information access or complaint mechanisms.
Tizeti’s collecting, maintaining, using or disclosing individually identifiable Consumer
information will take reasonable steps to ensure that the information is accurate, relevant and
current for the purposes for which it is to be used.

Tizeti consumers can lodge a complaint by
Telephone : +234- 1-4405610
Consumer can also lodge a complaint at any of our premises
All complaints will be logged by Tizeti
Tizeti will make adequate provision to ensure that people with physical disabilities or other
special needs are able to access our complaint handling processes, including ensuring that
Consumers can be easily represented by their authorised representatives in order to make a
In cases where Consumers specifically request assistance in lodging complaints, Tizeti will
provide reasonable assistance.

Written complaints will be acknowledged by Tizeti and acted on within any time frames set out
in the Commission’s Quality of Service Regulations (or as otherwise directed by the
Commission from time to time). Tizeti will initially respond to a complaint either verbally or in
Non-written complaints will be taken as acknowledged by Tizeti at the time the complaint was
communicated to the Tizeti.
Where possible, Consumers will be advised when they make a complaint of the expected actions
and timing for investigating and resolving the complaints. In the event that the Licensee regards
the complaint as frivolous or vexatious, the Consumer will be informed accordingly and if
dissatisfied the Consumer will have the further recourse described below. In any event, no
Consumer complaint will remain unresolved for more than three (3) months.
Tizeti will provide Consumers with sufficient information and the means to inquire on the progress
of complaints using their support ticket number. Such processes may include complaint reference
numbers or other identifiers in order to facilitate timely and accurate responses to subsequent
enquiries by Consumers.
Consumers will be advised of the outcome of the investigation of their complaint, and any resulting
decision by the Licensee.
Where a Consumer is not satisfied with a decision reached pursuant to a complaint, the Licensee
will give the Consumer the option of pursuing an identified escalation process by which the
decision may be examined by a suitably qualified person in the Licensee’s organization. Where the
Consumer has already been provided with the benefit of the Licensee’s escalation process(es)
and where there are no further escalation processes, the Licensee will inform the Consumer
In the event that a complaint has not been resolved to the Consumer’s satisfaction, including as a
result of any escalation process, within sixty (60) days of being communicated to the Licensee, the
Licensee will inform the Consumer that he or she may refer the complaint to the Commission.
Failure to deal with Consumer complaints, and any related service failures, will also be subject
to the requirements of the Quality of Service Regulations, including payment of any specific
service credits or rebates established pursuant to these regulations.
Complaint handling processes will be provided free of charge. Tizeti will impose a reasonable
charge for complaint handling processes where investigation of the complain requires the retrieval
of records more than twelve (12) months old, and where that retrieval results in any incremental
expense or significant inconvenience to the Licensee. Any such charges will be identified and
agreed to by the Consumer before being incurred.
Tizeti will avoid imposing any disconnection or credit management action regarding any
service to which a complaint or billing dispute relates while the complaint or dispute is being
investigated. The Licensee will inform the Consumer that, while the complaint or dispute, is
being investigated, the Consumer is obliged to make payment of any outstanding amounts
other than the amount that is specifically in dispute.
Where Tizeti intends to take disconnection or credit management action against a Consumer
regarding any amount that has been the subject of a complaint or dispute, the Licensee will
specifically notify the Consumer before taking the intended action.
Tizeti support system shall have appropriate recording systems for complaints and their
outcomes to meet the requirements of the quantity of Service Regulations
Complaints tracking data shall be categorised and analysed by Tizeti from time to time to
allow for the identification of recurring problems, Tizeti shall inform the Consumer that a record
of their complaints is being kept, and if requested by the Consumer shall describe the
complaints, tracking system used by us.

Tizeti will utiilze its support ticket system to record complaints and their outcomes to meet the
requirements of the quantity of Service Regulations
Tizeti will update any information regarding their complaint handling and tracking processes as
appropriate, including information provided to Consumers or the Commission.
Information collected and recorded as part of the Tizeti’s complaint handling processes will be
retained by Tizeti for at least twelve (12) months following resolution of a complaint.