Lagos Goes LIVE on Express Wi-Fi by Facebook with Tizeti.

Lagos Goes LIVE on Express Wi-Fi by Facebook with Tizeti.
November 24, 2017 admin_tizeti
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Tizeti Network Limited announces the launch of Express Wi-Fi by Facebook in Lagos this morning!
Express Wi-Fi by Facebook empowers Tizeti Network and local entrepreneur retailers to offer reliable and affordable internet access through public Wi-Fi deployments in multiple sites in Ikeja’s colorful, bustling Computer Village and is set to expand to other parts of Lagos and eventually across Nigeria.

Kendall’s Marker.
Infrastructure challenges notwithstanding, Nigeria stands out as one of the Africa’s foremost Tech Hubs. Buoyed by a call to duty and a passionate desire to provide accessible and affordable internet to Nigerians, Kendall Ananyi’s Tizeti Network Limited has successfully harnessed an abundant natural resource, essentially providing Internet access through the use of solar-powered networks to large numbers of users.
Express Wi-Fi goes beyond the conventional mobile network, employing the use of broadband to offer an un-paralleled Wi-Fi experience with un-throttled data speeds as high as 10Mbps and price points as low as 50 Naira.

The Model Works!
Express Wi-Fi customers can now purchase affordable data packs via digital vouchers to access the Internet with Express Wi-Fi.
Indeed, Express Wi-Fi enables a sustainable economic model for all stakeholders that will allow for continued investments in lasting connectivity. This model can be scaled, ensuring a Lagos State-wide coverage and eventually…. The entire country.

Wi-Fi Rocks!
A quote for the love of technology; “Technology brings the excitement, helps look into the future, and make us brave enough to try to shape it.” So while we go about signing up, purchasing data and enjoying the broadband experience, it is quite humbling to remember…. Wi-Fi Truly ROCKS!

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