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Tizeti Network Limited – Who We Are


Tizeti Network (wifi.com.ng) provides uncapped broadband internet service using Wi-Fi. Our target customer base is residents of multi-tenant buildings and small businesses. We provide internet infrastructure for new and existing real estate developments where it is technically challenging and cost prohibitive to install wired broadband services.

New real estate development are not installing equipment to provide residential broadband and current wireless offering being provided by Telcos and LTE operators are data capped and do not allow customers to browse the net at high speed and stream movies.

We are offering multi tenant buildings, broadband internet using 802.11ac wifi technology. The large bandwidth available using Wi-Fi & the low equipment costs allow us offer cheaper, low-contention ratio service. It also gives us the ability to host video content on local servers and stream video.

Our Company

We are a company driven to provide customers with a complete solution for their entire Internet, TV and telephony needs.
We benefit from several strategic alliances by receiving very competitive pricing on most services, allowing us offer low cost internet services to our customers.
Tizeti Network Limited offers a way for customers to have a one-stop shop for all their ICT (voice, video and data) needs.
We have a world-class management team with industry knowledge, extensive experience, and unique administration skills.

Our Vision

To become a top provider of internet services in Sub-Saharan Africa and have one of our products in every home in Africa.


Tizeti network also deploys wide area wifi networks for multi-tenant buildings, hotel and educational institutions. Tizeti’s long range wifi equipment are cost effective and can be deployed fairly quickly. We design, plan and maintain the wireless networks for our customers with simple and seamless connections.
The networks also allows us to offer our VOIP and IPTV products as value added services.

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Voice Over IP

Tizeti provides residential voice over ip services to its customersat very competitive prices. We also offer virtual Nigeria numbers accessible from any where in the world.
Tizeti also offers development of customized softphone to telco’s or other service providers.
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